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So You Want 35 Tint

You’ve most likely reached this page because you want to purchase tint for your vehicle.  With so many choices should you choose 35 tint or 20 tint or even the odd numbers.  What brands should you choose?  These are only a few of the many questions you probably have.  We’ll do our best to explain what tint is, what choices you have and further more, we will provide comparisons to help answer your questions.

  1. What is tint? – Window film is shortened to “tint” but the definition should not be lost.  Tint is a window glass covering that provides U.V. protection, heat deflection and is stylish in the process.  Although it’s commonly known as window shading for vehicles, it’s also used in a variety of other applications such as homes, commercial buildings and even boats.
  2. Why do you need tint? – Besides cosmetic reasons, tint will also reduce heat, premature interior fading, enhance privacy, stop U.V. rays and also eliminate glare.
  3. Where do I get tint? – This was a really easy question a few years ago.  You simply had to go to a professional.  These professionals are usually available by searching online (use our links to the right) or using your local phone book.  Since we’re primarily concerned about automobile tint, it’s good to point out that local 12volt electronics shops typically have excellent tinters on site.  As with anything, it might be worth looking at Angie’s List for referrals. Ask some friends or visit a local car dealership who might use a trusted tinter to tint the vehicles they sell.  Getting back to why this was an easy answer a few years ago, it’s different now.  Now you can purchase ready-made window tint kits from and or online at various window tint kit retailers.  It’s important to note that applying tint is not easy and is usually best left up to the professionals for a quality tint job.

Great, I want Tint, Now What?

Now you need to learn about the various window tints available to you.  Window tint comes in a variety of brands, shades and warranties.

  • Tint Brands – SolarGard®, Lumar®, Johnsons® and 3M® are just a few of the excellent brands of window tints on the market.  There are plenty of quality lesser known brands as well. What usually makes these brands stand apart is their value adding warranties.  The sun can be harsh on anything left out to play in it.  Window tint is susceptible to premature wear and tear like anything else.  Make sure you go over the warranty of your new tint selection with your tint shop.  Just because it says: “Lifetime warranty” doesn’t always mean it truly encompasses the life of your vehicle.
  • What Shade? – Good question, this question may be the sole reason you ended up at this website.  First and foremost you must find our your local window tint laws.  Some states don’t allow any window tint and you sure do want to know that before you crack open your wallet.  We’ve provided an easy to use legal window tint chart just for you. So now that you have the legalities ironed out, it’s time to pick between your shade options.

Tint 35 & Other Percentages

Tint is usually rounded to the closest percentage for easy communication and memory.  It’s common to hear these choices: 50%, 35%, 20% and 5%.  Many first time buyers mistakenly believe that 50% would be a very dark tint and vice versa, 5% would be a very light tint.  This is the opposite of the truth.  The tint percentage refers to the amount of transmittable light.  50% tint would allow 50% of transmitted light through to the inside of your vehicle.  Likewise, 5% would only allow 5% of the sun light to pass through.  In today’s age most tints offer a 99% U.V. block which not only protects your interior but it also keeps you from getting sun burnt!

Now the important part, choosing tint based on cosmetic looks.  We’ve provided several pages of important pictures, links and helpful tips.  You can view them by clicking on your desired selection from the menu above.