Photos of 35% Tint

Here are some photos taken of various vehicles with 35 tint installed. Please remember that lighting, tint brands, color of interiors and exteriors can and will effect the outcome of your tint job.  The lighter your interior, the lighter the tint will look on the vehicle.  If you park your vehicle so that the windshield faces the sun, more light will enter the vehicle and make the tint appear lighter as well.

Most of us at the office prefer 35% tint.  It provides adequate protection from the sun’s heat and it’s not too dark at night.  There is something to be said about a clean classy ride.  35% tint allows just the right amount of visibility in and out of the car.  In our opinion when you can’t see into a car you lose the cosmetic effect of a classy looking interior.  Everyone will have their own opinion and the decision is all yours.